Dramatis Personae

I like privacy.  I get fussy when other people put information about me in public spaces without asking me first.  And yet, in these posts, there will be mentions of other people, and in many cases I will not be asking them first.  The obvious solution is to use aliases.

So that you can keep some of the aliases straight, here’s an idea of who’s who:

Amanda – me.  I don’t need an alias for myself; I’ve chosen what goes here and what does not.

John – my husband

Cyrano – our current housemate

Pook – our elder niece

Nephew – our nephew

Nieceling – our younger niece

Sisko, Inky, and Ichabod – our cats.  They don’t really need aliases, though sometimes Inky gets called “The Little Black Bastard”

The former housemates:



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