Book: Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

Continuing my trend of mooching books off of friends, I actually managed to have a quick turnaround time on this one. It also turned out to be a “stay up until 1am and finish the book” sort of book, though that was as much because I wasn’t tired yet as it was because the book was riveting.

I commented in February that Eleven On Top was a departure from the bumbling bounty hunter schtick, but that Evanovich had done it well, keeping the core of the character while letting her grow. Twelve Sharp continues that trend, and for the first time ever, she gets to help Ranger with things he can’t do, rather than being saved by him. (Don’t worry, she still gets saved by him a few times.) It’s nice to see Stephanie gaining some core competency, and being able to start holding her own on normal days. Evanovich keeps the bumbling aspect, by upping Stephanie’s challenges, but I can handle that– it was only when Stephanie continued having trouble with routine take-downs that I wanted to throw the book across the room.


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