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Courtesy of Cyrano:

Say something nice about each of the last five people you’ve “broken up with” – romantic break-ups, friendships, whatever.

This is a bit rough for me, because prior to John I hadn’t dated all that much– I’ve had more break-ups with John than with everyone else combined. And few of my friendships have had a hard break, most of them just get pushed off to the side due to time constraints and growing apart.

So, I’ll have to improvise a bit. ;-)

1st boyfriend: Sweet when he wanted to be. Good at understanding someone else’s point of view, even if he opposed it.

John: Amazing at taking care of people, especially me. (What? We broke up! Twice, even.)

Former roommate: A kind person who is willing to take on some of the more difficult people in the world (I’m calling that fight with R in the dining room at the live game a “break-up.” Hope you don’t mind.)

Mom’s step-brother: I’m sure he thought he was doing the right thing (at least most of the time).

Last boss who fired me: (Er, sort of. She made Gary do it, but she was why I got fired.) While there was some personal tension between us, on the whole, she tried to treat all employees well, and fairly. She taught me a lot about the value of non-cash benefits in the workplace.